Parent Coaching

What Is The Parent Coaching Philosophy?

Parent Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all methodology. It gives parents the freedom to choose their own solutions. Whether solutions have to do with specific parenting situations, creating a parenting vision or having more balance in life, parent coaching helps parents with the most difficult job in the world. It also encourages parents to develop a coach-like approach with their children and themselves right in the middle of their parenting situations. Founded on principles of co-operation, responsibility and consistency, it offers parents a skill set to be more effective in their parenting. It provides parents with practical coping skills, while working towards their long-term vision of a healthy family.

Who Uses Parent Coaching?

 Dads  Moms  Single Parents  Stepparents  Parent Couples  Adoptive Parents 
  • They want their parenting to be more effective.
  • They are not afraid to admit that they don't have all the answers.
  • They are looking for support around parenting issues.
  • They want to learn from their mistakes.
  • They want to raise children in a democratic environment.
  • They are unsure they are on the right track.
  • They want to prevent future parenting problems.
  • They want help with managing family life and work life.
  • They want to create a parenting vision, and live by it.

Q: Is Parent Coaching Like Therapy?

A: No. Parent Coaching is quite different from therapy.

Therapy focuses on: Coaching focuses on:

  1. the past and present
  2. why me? why this?
  3. treatment
  4. undoing
  5. unresolved issues
  6. medical model
  7. healing the past
  8. absorbing information

  1. the present and the future
  2. what now? what next?
  3. co-creation
  4. doing
  5. new goals and actions
  6. growth and learning model
  7. creating a future
  8. acting on information

The Uniqueness of Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is unique because it allows parents to create their own best solutions to their parenting situations. Most parent education programs offer stock answers to parenting problems, they don't take into account the cultural and historical background, values and goals of the parents or the child. Parent Coaching however, is effective because it recognizes and supports the individuality of family members. It allows parents to parent according to their own values, and challenges them when they're not. As well, since Parent Coaching is done on the telephone, it allows busy parents, whether they be local or distant, easy access to a support system. Lastly, it teaches parents how to coach themselves through difficult situations.

Why Are Things Are Different Today?

Today's children are being raised in a more democratic and permissive manner than any previous generation. As a result, many children have more freedom than their parents did when they were young. Many of today's parents have shifted from autocratic negative parenting - which they themselves were raised with - to democratic positive parenting. In a democratic family, the power is shared and the rights of the individual are honoured. This is an improvement to be sure, but not one without its own challenges. What's more, many children are now being raised with two working parents. Others belong to single parent families, or even blended families with new stepparents. The challenges parents face today are often very different from a generation or two ago. Parents can feel overwhelmed.  They need support.  That's where parent coaching comes in.


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Parent Coaching Success Stories

Parents tell their stories of success with coaching.


"Our family has been working with a social worker who totally supports that we now have a Parent Coach. Terry keeps us focused on moving forward towards what we want to achieve as parents. Her support has made a huge difference in the dynamics of the household."
Valerie and Jonathan, parents of four children

"Parent Coaching has helped me focus on my words and actions as I have never done before. I have really noticed a positive difference in the students of my classroom since I have been encouraging them more."
Michael, grade 3 classroom teacher

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