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Parenting Teleclass Series 

Operation Cooperation Boot Camp

Are you tired of asking three times?  Are you tired of kids not listening?  Are you tired of the tantrums and power struggles?

If you answered yes, then this five week course is for you!!

Conducted over the phone with Terry and other parents, this course offers busy parents a convenient way to improve parenting skills. Be the PARENT YOU WANT TO BE and learn how to be less stressed and more calm.  
Over the five classes you will... learn how to use effective positive discipline strategies, discover the #1 discipline tool good parents use, understand why your kids keep doing the same things again and again, and more....

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Parent Coaching on Wheels Speaker Series

Terry will come to your home, office or parent group for any one or more of her series of seminars on Parent Coaching. Designed for parents or professionals working with parents, Terry helps build knowledge, confidence and skills.

Whether it's a Keynote Address, Lunch'n'Learn, Parent Council Education Night or Lecture the following topics are available:

  • You're Not The Boss of Me! Managing Power Struggles
  • I Was So Mad: Tackling the Anger Gremlin
  • How You Say It Counts: Talking Techniques
  • Are Your Raising a Praise Junkie? Encouragement vs. Praise
  • Who's In Control Around Here? Democratic Parenting
  • From Beaver Cleaver to Bart Simpson: How Parenting Has Changed and Why
  • Consequences, Choices and Follow Through: Terry's Three Best Parenting Strategies
  • 33 Positive Parenting Tools Every Parent Should Have

For pricing and to arrange for Terry to speak to your group contact her at...

Phone:     416-233-8188 (Toronto)
Toll free:  1-877-233-0096 (Canada & USA)

Ask the

Parenting questions around bullying, allowance, sibling rivalry etc. are answered.
Parent Coaching Success Stories

Parents tell their stories of success with coaching.


"Parent Coaching has helped me focus on my words and actions as I have never done before. I have really noticed a positive difference in the students of my classroom since I have been encouraging them more."
Michael, grade 3 classroom teacher

"I had never thought of looking at my issue from a different perspective. I was so sure I knew what was behind my son's misbehavior. Terry helped me to see my situation from several points of view so that my actions would align with what I wanted to achieve. That was really helpful."
Cory - Mother of two boys

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