Coaching Questions

How would I know if I could use a Parenting Coach?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you would likely benefit from a Parent Coach.

  1. Are you feeling frustrated or angry with you children, to the point where you could use some help in coping?
  2. Do you feel isolated and/or unsupported around parenting issues?
  3. Do you feel you have no one to turn to?
  4. Do you feel that you and your partner are on a different track around how to raise the children?
  5. Are you looking for some balance between your family life and work life?
  6. Are you a single parent and feel the burden of parenting too much?
  7. Are you a stepparent who is uncomfortable with your new partner's parenting style?
  8. Are you a stepparent and are struggling to find your role as a parent with your partner's children?
  9. Are you a grandparent and need help parenting all over again?
  10. Are you the parent of an only child concerned about the special issues facing you?
  11. Are parenting issues interfering or beginning to interfere with other areas of your life?
  12. Do you find that you repeat the same things over and over again with your kids?
  13. Do you find that the techniques you are using with your children are not effective?
  14. Do you wish you had some new skills to help you deal with the challenges of parenthood?
  15. Are you worried about the teenage years as they approach?
  16. Do you worry about what's happening with your teenage son or daughter?
  17. Does your teen seem to be lost and/or struggling in some way?



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Parenting questions around bullying, allowance, sibling rivalry etc. are answered.
Parent Coaching Success Stories

Parents tell their stories of success with coaching.


"By brainstorming with ideas, Terry and I were able to come up with a plan that I was happy with. While I didn't set my hopes too high that my plan would work, I was thrilled that it did."
Matthew — father of two teenage boys

"A simple approach to some very perplexing problems."
Allan - father of 3 year old boy

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