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My boys keep’s driving me crazy!

Samantha, a single mom, was getting very frustrated with the constant fighting and rough housing between her two boys (aged 3 and 5). Ultimately, her older boy would cause the younger one to start crying, at which point Samantha was forced to intervene. The situation recurred almost daily, as soon as Samantha returned home from work. Wanting only to come home and relax, Samantha was becoming frustrated instead. Moreover, she was becoming stressed out. Her scolding of the boys wasn’t working. In fact, the situation was getting worse. With the help of Parent Coaching, Samantha came to realize that her boys were drawing her into their scuffles as a way to get her attention. Nothing more. With this newfound awareness, she decided to try out a new strategy. Now, instead of interfering when her boys acted up, she withdrew - allowing them to work things out for themselves.

The result:
The boys did a lot less fighting and Samantha was freed of a lot of her stress and frustration.

Nipping destructive behavior in the bud…or not?

Diana and her husband invited another couple and their two children over to their home one evening. While the parents visited downstairs, the two children played with her 3-year-old son in his bedroom. During the visit, Diana heard a lot of banging coming from her son’s bedroom. Yet she was not concerned, as all three children seemed to be enjoying themselves. Later however, Diana noticed that all of her son’s toys were strewn about his room. In fact, her son had purposely thrown every single toy from his bookshelf on to the floor. As some of the toys were quite expensive, she was alarmed at her son’s destructive behaviour. She was angry with him, but more so, was worried that her parenting skills were somehow at fault. Why else would a young child be so destructive?

Uncertain what punishment she should mete out to stop this behaviour, Diana sought Terry Carson’s help. With some coaching around different perspectives, Diana soon realized that her son’s behaviour wasn’t linked to a destructive pattern at all. Instead, he was simply showing off to his two houseguests.

The result:
Diana was greatly relieved to learn that her son did not have destructive tendencies and also, that she had not failed as a parent.

"I hate you mommy!"

Suzanne was concerned about her 8-year-old daughter’s fits of jealously, whenever her 2-year-old nephew came to visit. Her daughter would lash out at Suzanne with statements like, "You love him better than me" or "I hate you." Yet despite the constant reassurance Suzanne gave her daughter that she loved her deeply, the situation didn’t improve. A discussion with Terry revealed that Suzanne had recently told her daughter that she was adopted. While it appeared to Suzanne that her daughter had not been bothered by this information, she began to wonder if this was indeed the cause of the problem. With Terry’s help, she decided to set aside a special time each week where they would create a storybook of the tale of her daughter’s adoption. Suzanne would provide the story details, and her daughter would do the illustrations.

The result:
This strategy has greatly improved their relationship and the fits of jealously have been resolved.

Wanted: Exhausted working mom...needs help with dinner

Maria is a high school teacher with two teenage sons aged 14 years and 16 years. She comes home from work extremely tired, and barely has enough energy to prepare dinner. She has complained repeatedly to her sons about needing help with meal preparation, but to no avail. By working with Terry and being more coach-like in her approach with the boys, Maria has enlisted the co-operation of both sons in helping make dinner. On alternate weekdays, each son now prepares the entire dinner. For her part, Maria does some of the pre-planning and shopping for the meals.

The result:
Maria is under less pressure because her sons have lifted much of the meal preparation burden from her.

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"Our family has been working with a social worker who totally supports that we now have a Parent Coach. Terry keeps us focused on moving forward towards what we want to achieve as parents. Her support has made a huge difference in the dynamics of the household."
Valerie and Jonathan, parents of four children

"Parent Coaching has helped me focus on my words and actions as I have never done before. I have really noticed a positive difference in the students of my classroom since I have been encouraging them more."
Michael, grade 3 classroom teacher

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