Parenting Teleclass Series


4 teleclass hosted over the phone for your convenience

Just when you think you've made it through one phase of development your child grows a bit older and it's a whole new scenario.
School, friends, back talk, not listening, eye never stops.  
Parents want to raise kids they can be proud of.
  • Teleclasses are the easiest way for parents to get the education they want
  • Conducted over the phone, join other parents who want to improve their parenting
  • Learn how to feel less stressed and calm
  • Understand the principles behind positive parenting
  • Discover how to effectively use consequences
  • Learn what triggers your anger and how to manage it
  • Understand why kids misbehave and learn to take a coach approach
  • Get detailed handouts for each class
Get the information you need to become
the parent you WANT TO BE
This course is designed for parents who want to improve their parenting skills
Terry Carson, M.Ed. ACC is a mother of four. Beyond having her Master’s degree,
she is a fully trained and certified coach who has coached thousands of parents.
Parent testimonial:  "Terry, thank you so much for your coaching and teleclasses.  There are specific aspects to my success that are attributed to you.  I could not be doing this (raising kids) without you!!!!"  Simone. - mother of three boys under the age of 6

Parent testimonial:
“Terry is able to share her own experiences from raising four children, as well as the knowledge she has gained in her profession in a way that parents can relate to easily. She not only provides advice but she challenges parents to think of their own solutions based on key parenting tools. She has a great track record and commitment to building self-esteem in our children and relieving the stress that sometimes comes with parenting children.”
Mary D.-  mother of two school aged children

Parent testimonial:
  “You provided great teaching moments. You taught what are ‘age appropriate’ expectations of children, how to communicate in a way that nurtures a child’s psychological growth and how a consequence can work for non-cooperation.”
Laura M.- mom of two teenagers

Parent testimonial:
“It’s worth investing in the coach approach as a way to work with kids. We ALL need positive support!! I believe that time should be invested when children are young so that later our kids will not be out of control. Terry, you are a gift. Parents are hungry for what you can bring them.”
Larry W. –  Father of four, including two step-children 


This series of five telephone classes helps parents gain and reinforce their skills for parenting in today's world.  It highlights 10 essential positive discipline tools for helping kids to be more cooperative and less argumentative.  Without resorting to threats, bribes and punishments parents are guided through the world of democratic parenting so that they are less stressed and more fulfilled.

Course Outline

Session #1 – Who’s In Control Around Here?
Learn how parenting has changed over the last few decades and WHY
Understand how today’s parents are using democratic parenting to be effective
Discover your parenting style
Learn how to manage the differences between your style and your spouse’s style


Session #2 – You’re Not the Boss of Me
Discover what’s behind misbehaviours like whining, temper tantrums, back talk, not listening, etc.
Understand twelve areas that can lead to power struggles and how you might be making them worse

Learn 12 parenting strategies for managing power struggles

Session #3  - Are You Raising a Praise Junkie?
Learn the difference between praise and encouragement

Discover the harmful side effects of praise
Understand how encouragement language builds a child’s self-esteem

Know the four key messages of the language of encouragement

Session #4  - The Amazing Power of Family Meetings

·        Discover the power of family meetings
·        Learn the formula for successful meetings
·        Help wean your kids off rewards, bribes and punishments
·        Learn the difference between consequences and punishment

This course is for....

· Good parents who want to improve their parenting skills
· New parents who want to get a leg up on their parenting
· Any parent who wants to be more knowledgeable
· Any parent who wants to feel less stressed
· Any parent who loves their children
· Any parent who understands that their family’s happiness is important


·        No need for baby sitters
·        Participate in the comfort of your own home
·        No need to get dressed up
·        No need to go out
·        Learn with other parents
·        Privacy – your participation in class discussions is voluntary
·        Share similar stories and problems with other parents
COST:  $150.00 per person OR $225.00 per couple
WHEN:  You pick the date - Mondays to Thursdays - 2017
TIME:  You pick the time between 9:00 am - 6:30 pm EDT
WHEREOn your own phone in the comfort of your home or office

  Registrants will receive complete handouts before each class

More testimonials from parents who loved the course...

“My confidence as a parent, at times, has been pretty low. You gave me enormous support and knowledge to help me demonstrate positive parenting skills. I cannot tell you how significant this has been to me. I’m not perfect, but I have a much more positive outlook on my parenting and on my family’s future.”
Robin F. – Mother of four

“We have gotten so much out of your classes. We find it easier to be consistent. We are more confident in handling things and we are having a lot more fun as parents, even when things get a bit messy.”
Mark and Melinda – Parent of twin girls

“I have come to understand my son and embrace who he is rather than try to impose myself on him. In my home “children were to be seen but not heard”. I was inclined to parent the way I was parented, but now I have both the insight and courage to parent with understanding and joy.”
Salina W. - Single mom with preteen son

“I have been renewed. I learned a great deal about myself and how I approach parenting. This course has provided me with a much needed boost to my confidence. Thank you Terry.”
Robert F. – Father of two school-aged children 

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