Speaker Series

Parent Coaching on Wheels Speaker Series

The Parent Coaching on Wheels Series has enjoyed enormous success. This one of a kind program allows parents to meet Terry face to face in the comfort of their own surroundings. 

The Parent Coaching on Wheels program can be hosted in your home, office or parent group.

                 Keynote Addresses
                 Parent Council Education Nights

The following topics are available:

     You're Not The Boss of Me! Managing Power Struggles

     I Was So Mad: Tackling the Anger Gremlin

     How You Say It Counts: Talking Techniques

     Are Your Raising a Praise Junkie? Encouragement vs. Praise

     Who's In Control Around Here? Democratic Parenting

     From Beaver Cleaver to Bart Simpson: How Parenting Has Changed and Why

     Consequences, Choices and Follow Through: Terry's Three Best Parenting Strategies

For pricing and to arrange for Terry to speak to your group contact her at...

Phone:     416-233-8188 (Toronto)
Toll free:  1-877-233-0096 (Canada & US)
Email:      theparentingcoach@sympatico.ca

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Parenting questions around bullying, allowance, sibling rivalry etc. are answered.
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Parents tell their stories of success with coaching.

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